Fundraising & Wholesale

Fundraising for the Basin!

We only host fundraisers in the Permian Basin currently but we are working to expand our territory to a 200 mile radius. Please give us a call at 432-570-7990 if you are interested in fundraising outside Midland/Odessa.

Here's how it works!
16 oz Mason Jar only. Your organization profit is $5.00 for every candle sold.

Your organization sells the candles for 3 weeks. There are 15 scents to choose from on the list. They may only sell from this list because we stock for our fundraisers in order to process quickly. Please abide by this.

We provide a packet for each person. It includes a menu with the scent descriptions and a sign up sheet to take the order. We do require a drivers license in order to set up a fundraiser. Sorry, we’ve been fraud victims!

They collect the money as they take the order, all checks made PAYABLE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION.

At the end of the 3 weeks each order should be counted and tallied to make sure the order is correct. You count the money. We do not handle any funds other than what is due to us. Please make a copy of your orders before turning them in. We do not provide copies of the original order to you. We will return the order form back in your order.We haven’t lost an order in 12 years, but yours could be the first one!

Turn the orders in The Candle Cafe will count and give you a master sheet of all orders.

We do offer wholesale pricing to those who wish to RESALE our candles.
Please call for more information.

Contact us to request a fundraiser

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