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What’s that SMELL?

You may not find all of our scents online,
but here's a list of all the scents we carry in the store!

Bakery Scents:

Amaretto – Strong and sweet smell of this almond flavored Italian liquor.
Apple Cider Donut – Like a warm apple strudel with a lite cinnamon and sugar on top.
Berry Hot Cakes – Famous pancakes with boysenberry syrup poured all over.
Blueberry Muffins – This is one strong scent. Well known to smell up 2500 sq ft all by itself!
Bun in the oven – Courtney’s mix! Hot cinnamon buns with a rich caramel topping. This divine scent is sure to give off a homey feeling.
Butter Rum – That buttery Rummy drink!
Cake Bake – The smell of a fresh cake warming to the finish of icing.
Candy Corn – That sweet smell we all know so well! What a wonderful way to kick off the season!
Coconut Cream Pie – Creamy, dreamy, coconut custard with the extra flaky crust! YUM!
Créme Brulée – Rich vanilla custard with a caramelized caramel topping. This is a huge seller all year round. Very strong.
Fall Fever – A seasonal Favorite! A strong mix of pumpkin pie and a hint of apple.
Hot Cinnamon Buns – Like you just pulled the cinnamon buns out of the oven to let them cool!
Hot Fudge Brownies – Watch out, this scent is so realistic it will fool your family. Give your home that fresh baked feeling.
Hot Orange Danish – Right out of the oven orange delish!
Pumpkin Pie – Paul says this smells like the pie baking in the oven right before the crust starts turning brown.
When it’s being poured we are ready for the turkey.
Pumpkin Vanilla – Pumpkin and Vanilla for a extra sweet pie.
Raspberry Zinger – Little Debbie’s makes a raspberry treat, this one you can’t eat!
Snow Flakes – Peppermint and Sugar Cookies is a blend you just need to smell to appreciate!
Sugar Cookies – That sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven. They are just about ready to take off the pan and cool.
Always a good seller. Perfect for a gift.
Warm Maple Sugar – A nice blend of pancake and maple sugar syrup. Light on the pancake, more heavy on the syrup. This is a medium strong scent.

Cinnamons, Vanillas & Unusuals:

Blue Suede Shoes – Leather and Clean Cotton.
Campfire Smoke
- Roasting hotdogs on a campfire!
Christmas Thyme – Hints of bayberry, cinnamon and spice. This is a very nice smell.
Perfect for an evening with the Christmas lights on and a fire in the hearth.
Christmas Tree – A sweet pine tree. Such a clean scent!
Chicks with Kicks – Leather and Strawberry for a more sweeter scent!
Cinnamon Surprise – Take red hot cinnamon and add some sweet sugar to it. It’s a surprise how good this smells!
Cinilla – Cinnamon and vanilla a perfect match for a comforting scent in your home.
Cotton Candy – Spun sweet vanilla sugar.
Grandfather’s Pipe – Just like the name, bet you can’t burn it all out! It’s stout!
Harvest Time – This is a heavy cinnamon with hints of spices.
Home Sweet Home – Spices and clove. Reminds us of big red gum with clove.
Kandy Kisses – Peppermint and vanilla. This little powerhouse can really fill a room.
Leather – Like working in a saddle shop or getting a brand new car with leather seats. This is the best Leather we’ve ever found.
Leather n’ Lace – Leather bound to vanilla softens that hard leather scent. It’s very soothing.
Old Fashioned Christmas – A hint of orange, spruce, cinnamon, orange, and apple. Feels like you just walked into a Christmas store.
Red Hot Cinnamon – Little red hot candies that tend to get a little hot if you put too many in your mouth!
Stuffy Noses – A great scent to use when you are sick with a cold. Smells of Vicks vapor rub and we sell a lot of it in the winter.
Texas Heat – A customer’s blend of Leather and Cinnamon. Who knew it would smell so good!
Vanilla Silk – Brandy’s favorite vanilla. It’s very strong, sweet and delicious. Look no more, this is the best vanilla you will ever find!
No need to light two. One will do the trick.

Floral Scents:

April Fresh – Smells like pink downy laundry softener. A sure way to make them think you’ve been working hard.
Baby Powder – That sweet smell of freshly washed baby all lotioned and powdered. Awe, this scent brings out the warm fuzzy feelings in us all.
Clean Cotton – A best seller in the store. Momma’s freshly ironing all the linen’s, spring is in the air.
Country Breeze – Clean and masculine with a fresh breezy smell.
English Ivy – The only way to describe this scent is lovely. Greenery undertones with a light sweet softener.
Eucalyptus – You won’t need more than one of these power house candles! It’s lacking the tree feel to it but the greenery folks love it anyway.
French Market – A strong gardenia base with that laid back New Orleans spice. It’s well known to do 2500 sq. ft!
Honeysuckle – Reminds us of summer night walks when the flowers start blooming. Pluck off a flower and taste that nectar. Who hasn’t?
Housewife – Lemon Pucker and English Ivy make a fresh summer scent!
Jasmine – Another one of those fresh spring flowers. It’s a heavy saturation of the air.
Juniper Breeze – A clean fresh scent similar to clean cotton.
Lavender – Popular with our English friends. It’s used for relaxation and numerous aroma therapies.
Lilac – Just like the flower.
Mr. Right – Popular in the store with the men, and often compared to the original old spice.
Nag Champa – This is a Indonesia white flower strong and pungent!
Oak Moss – A little bit of cologne and a little bit of flower this is a strong beautiful scent.
Patchouli – Oh that 70’s scent. It’s a hippy candle!
Peach Magnolia Raspberry – Blooming magnolias with a hint of peach and raspberry to create such sweetness.
Leaves your house feeling warm and clean!
Plumeria – A Hawaiian flower.Relaxation – Put it next to the tub or by your bed side at night. The sweet smell of lavender with a mix of citrus is sure to put a bad day to rest!
Rose Garden – A very true scent. Just as if you were standing in the rose garden, eyes closed, and taking in a deep breath. It’s beautiful.Sandalwood
Rose – Sandalwood with a heavy rose. It’s a nice strong smell.
Smoke Eliminator – We have customers who really swear by this scent. It has a fresh hint of citrus and floral.
Soul Mate – A relaxing fragrance of lavender mixed with vanilla for sweetness. It’s a romantic fragrance. Take a bath.
Sunshine – When spring cleaning is done, the kids are outside playing, and the windows are open is the perfect time for this!
This mix of clean cotton and kumquat has become a favorite at The Candle Cafe!
Sweet Pea – The sweet smell of springtime. Perfumey, clean and fresh.
Teakwood – A Woody vanilla scent. Not overpowering but strong enough!
Texas Rattler – A floral soft and sweet. It's one of those you have to smell.
The Happy Mistake – Truly a mistake that everybody loved!
Two oils got poured together making this clean scent with a hint of lime and yet it’s still manly!
Warm Fig – The smell that lingers but you can never find. A sweet type of clean that you can never quite put your finger on.
Wine n’ Rose – Roses and a glass of wine. It’s a romantic bath scent.

Fruit Scents:

Beach Bar – Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up! Super strong nice blend of coconut and lime.
Butt Naked – Our #1 best seller, is it the name? Or the scent? We aren’t sure but it’s our best seller! A hint of peach, clean and fruity.
Cantaloupe – This is one true to the name scent, it’s a very sweet, ripe cantaloupe.
Cherry Bomb – Stout Cherry fills your entire room! Cherry Cream – A nice blend of sweet black cherries and vanilla.
Coconut – Yep, it’s Coconut!
Drunken Parrot – A tropical blend of mango, pineapple and coconut inspired by Brandy’s cockatoo. (He sounds a little drunk when he talks!)
French Vanilla Pear – Sweet and warm smell of pear and vanilla.
Girls Night Out – Pop the cork! It’s time for a party! This scent smells of a nice, fruity champagne.
Jewel of the Night – Pomegranate tones down the huckleberry in this nice fruity scent.
Kumquat – Just like the small little orange fruit with such powerful flavor! Sweet and sour makes this a perfect clean citrus!
Lemon Pucker – Smells like country time lemonade.
Lime Blossom – Sweet Lime it’s a summer scent!
Macintosh Peach – A lot of peach and a little bit of Macintosh apple. This is a strong scent and not like a fake peach potpourri a real true peach.
Mahalo – Thank you to the customer who asked for this scent, it’s been a great seller! A combination of pomegranate and butt naked.
Mango Papaya – Slice open the mango and smell that sweet smell! This is a good one for the kitchen or bathroom.
Mango Tango – Mango and tangerine.
Manilla – Mulberry Madness and our sweet Vanilla Silk to soften it up.
Mulberry Madness – Strong Mulberry.
Mystere – Black Raspberry and vanilla. A mysterious scent, you wouldn’t guess unless you already knew what was in it.
Paradise – Some call it ‘Bird of Paradise’ like the flower. To those who work here it smells like strawberry, cherry and vanilla. A very nice aroma.
Pearberry – Pears and berriesPineapple – Stop here! This is the best pineapple you will ever experience!
Take a knife and slice the pineapple right down the middle. nom nom Juicy Juicy!
Pomegranate – We’re not sure a pomegranate has an actual smell, but some also call this ambrosia, like the fruit salad.
Shady Lady – A dupe of VS Love Spell.
Sizzlin’ Coconut – Take the lime out of the coconut and spice it all up, with Red Hot Cinnamon. Super strong!!
Spiced Apple – Great at Christmas, great in the fall if you love apple and cinnamon. Spiced Apple is just a great scent any time of year!
Spiced Cranberry – Better than normal cranberry, this is more like a spiced cranberry relish. One of the original scents of The Candle Café.
Strawberry Cheesecake – A super strong strawberry with the delicious scent of cheesecake. One of Brandy’s favorites!
Strawberry Banana – Strawberries and Cream with Banana.
Strawberries n’ Cream – Put some ice cream in a blender, add a bunch of fresh strawberries and make a milkshake. Paul’s favorite strawberry!
Summer Lovin’ – Cantaloupe, pineapple and vanilla. If this were a smoothie we would be gaining some weight. Smells soooo good!
Tropical Burst – Unwrap a starburst and pop it in your mouth! Savory smell of peach and pineapple!
Very Cherry – Smells like the carwash cherry they put in your car.
Warm Vanilla Coconut – Warm vanilla with a hint of fresh coconut. A classy ladies favorite!

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